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QBIC Society Awards

The QBIC Society Award recognises outstanding contributions in the field of inorganic and bioinorganic chemistry that were achieved with theoretical, quantum chemical or computational methods. It intends to recognise a specific body of work, developed in one paper or a series of papers, that established new chemical or physical insights into a long-standing question, developed a new method or concept, or defined a new research direction. Calls for nominations open biannually.


2021 award: Dr. Ragnar Björnsson

The award recognizes the outstanding contributions of Dr. Ragnar Björnsson to the understanding of biological nitrogen reduction, in particular his quantum chemical investigations on the electronic structure and properties of the iron–molybdenum cofactor (FeMoco) of Nitrogenase, its vanadium analogue, as well as on the nature of intermediate forms adopted by the cofactor along the catalytic cycle of biological nitrogen reduction.

2021 Award Announcement (PDF)

2020 award: Dr. Martin Srnec

The award recognizes the outstanding contributions of Dr. Martin Srnec to the theoretical treatment of chemical reactivity, specifically the development of the concept of (a)synchronicity of electron and proton transfer and its application to hydrogen-abstraction reactions, as well as the theoretical description of kinetic energy distribution within reactive modes in relation to reaction selectivity.

2020 Award Announcement (PDF)

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